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Guy Grobler
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* Israeli, but born to English parents, hence a cocktail of Israeli Hutzpa and English Manners.

* You can take the Guy out of Israel, but you can't take Israel out of the Guy!

* A lot of people, mainly those who are not Israelis and are not Jews, percieve Israelis to be Jewish, and this is usually the case - approx 80% of Israelis are Jewish. A lot of times, The Israelis are percieved to be Jew's that follow Judaism, and this is certainly not the case, as is with me. I am a non believer. I am a sinner (and proud!) to my faith. Quite frankly, I'm Agnostic, and I believe in Science and scientific method as the way forward.

*You probably realized from the above paragraph, but I'll still declare it - In the Evolution vs. Creationism argument, I'm strictly Pro Evolution.

*Finally, I believe in toleration and "live and let live", and I believe the only way to achieve that is by having a (1)tolerant (2)liberal and (3)democratic society. All of the 3 value's mentioned are fully not supported by any religion, which is why it is my belief that religion/s should not play any part in the management of society/state and should be kept out of it for the benefit of the society/state in question.